Top 3 Tea Advent Calendars 2021

Top 3 Tea Advent Calendars 2021

Advent calendars are incredibly popular throughout the world. These are special calendars that have 24 doors or windows on them. Starting from the 1st of December, users open one door everyday to find a special item on the back - an exciting countdown to Christmas! Behind each of these doors/windows can be anything from a picture or bible verse, to a small gift such as chocolate or tea!

History of the Advent Calendar

 'Advent' refers to a period of time of 24 days or four Saturdays before Christmas - the birth of Christ. The word 'advent' is derived from the Latin word for 'coming' - adventus

The invention of the advent calendar can be traced back to Germany in the 19th century. German Protestants would mark the days leading up to Christmas with a chalk line. They might even light a candle for each day or put up a religious photo to count down the days. 

The popularity and commercialization of Advent calendars began due to Gerhard Lang. As a child, his mother created a homemade advent calendar for him, consisting of 24 pictures. Once he grew up to become a German printer, he started to design and produce cardboard Advent calendars and began the use of doors that can be opened each day. 

Whilst early calendars such as Lang's mostly contained a Bible verse or a religious photo, by the 1950s, companies around the world began to grow the variety of gifts behind the little doors. Today, you can find makeup, toys, tea, chocolate and even jewelry Advent calendars. 

Nordqvist's Advent Calendars

1) Moomin Tea Advent Calendar

 This adorable Moomin-themed Advent calendar is the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one. It offers an assortment of 24 spectacular teas, a new surprise for everyday! 

The teas consist of black, green, white as well as rooibos teas presented to you by hidden Hattifatteners. 

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2) Moomin Valley Tea Adventure Christmas Calendar

This unique black and white Christmas calendar features Tove Jansson's early Moomin characters. In this calendar, you will find 24 uniquely flavoured teas for your enjoyment. 

Go on a festive adventure with the lost Hattifatteners as they try to find their way back home, encountering secret messages on your way!

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3. Deluxe Christmas Calendar

Countdown the days to Christmas with this incredibly festive Christmas calendar consists of 24 Nordqvist Pyramind Teas. The teas are a mixture of black, green, white and rooibos teas and are guaranteed to pleasantly surprise your senses with their aromas and flavours. 

Along with the tea bag comes a new tea aphorism everyday! 

This calendar is available in two colours:

Buy it in blue

Buy it in purple



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