Original Christmas Advent Tea Calendar Tea
Original Christmas Advent Tea Calendar Tea

Original Christmas Advent Tea Calendar

24 pyramid bags

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This original Christmas Calendar contains 24 delicious teas in pyramide bags, to cheer you up with an unique flavor of tea on each winter day.

Contents and ingredients:

China Green
1,50 g: green tea, elderberry and quince flavours.
Rooibos Africa Kiraffi 1,75 g: rooibos, caramel, cream and vanilla flavours.
Wisdom of Stay 1,75 g: black tea, pomegranate, strawberry and lemon flavours.
Ruby 1,50 g: green tea, forestfruit flavour.
White Tiger 1,50 g: white tea, aloe vera and grapefruit flavours.
Rooibos Africa Seepra 1,75 g: rooibos, strawberry and cream flavours.
Cheery Rainy Day 1,75 g: black tea, pineapple, strawberry, cherry and raspberry flavours.
Santa Lucia 1,50 g: white tea, cranberry and french vanilla flavours.
Lady Green 1,50 g: green tea, cherry and vanilla flavours.
Emperor’s Bride 1,75 g: black tea, elderberry and quince flavours.
Rooibos Africa Oranki 1,75 g: rooibos, orange flavour.
Jade 1,50 g: green tea, jasmin flavour.
White Elephant 1,50 g: white tea, apple, pear and grenadin flavours.
Faithful Friend 1,75 g: black tea, peach, orange and pineapple flavours.
Diamond 1,50 g: green tea, cranberry and vanilla flavours.
Sole Rooibos 1,75 g: rooibos, vanilla and honey flavours.
White Dragon 1,50 g: white tea, strawberry, vanilla and grapefruit flavours.
Tiger’s Daydream 1,75 g: black tea, quince, elderberry and honey flavours.
Nippon Green 1,50 g: green tea, strawberry, lemon and vanilla flavours.
White Bear 1,50 g: white tea, blueberrymuffin flavour.
Rooibos Africa Croco 1,75 g: rooibos, cranberry and redfruit flavours.
Old Times Baked Apple 1,75 g: black tea, natural baked apple flavour.
Green Christmas tea 1,50 g: green tea, cinnamon, cardamom and strawberry flavours. Black Christmas tea 1,75 g: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger flavours.