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80g Loose Leaf Tea

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High-quality green tea rolled into a ball. This tea is also called the ""green pearl"" and it is probably the most popular green tea from the Zhejiang region.

Gunpowder is a delightful afternoon tea thanks to its invigorating and relaxing effect. Deluxe is of particularly high quality with small leaves that give a refined aroma. Light colour, delicious, sharp taste.

Ingredients: Green tea.

Weight: 80g

The traditional method of rolling young tea leaves is especially laborious, but these small green pearls preserve the tea aroma better than any other green tea. When hot water is poured over the Gunpowder tea leaves, they first rise to the surface, and then during brewing gracefully descend to the bottom of the cup and open up like the petals of a flower while giving the water a beautiful green colour. Some say that the tea pops during brewing like gunpowder.

According to a legend, this tea was named after a young English tea merchant's assistant who mentioned that the small rolled green tea pearls resemble gunpowder. Gunpowder was one of the first Chinese export varieties at the beginning of the 18th century, and it was one of the favourite tea varieties of the Kangxi Emperor.

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