Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea
Moomin Tea Advent Calendar NEW - Moomin Tea

Mumin Tee Adventskalender

24 pyramid bags

11 reviews

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Der Mumintee-Adventskalender ist ein überraschendes Sortiment von 24 herrlich aromatisierten Teesorten, darunter grüner, schwarzer und weißer Tee, darunter auch Rooibos. Wie wunderbar ist das?

Hattifatters versteckt sich im Kalender und zeigt Ihnen 24 überraschende Geschmacksrichtungen. Finden Sie heraus, welche das sind!


Inhalt und Inhaltsstoffe:

Muminmamma's Zaubertrank 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Rhabarber- und Erdbeergeschmack.

You are Special 1,5 g: Grüner Tee, Erdbeer-, Zitronen- und Vanillearomen.

Sweetheart 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Walderdbeeraroma.

Sie werden sehen 1,75 g: Rooibos, Geschmack von Schokoladenkuchen.

Glücksbringer 1,5 g: weißer Tee, Grapefruit- und Aloe Vera-Aroma.

Cool Story 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Bratapfel-Geschmack.

Rosy Dreams 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, französischer Vanille und vier rote Beeren-Aromen.

Happy-go-Lucky Heart 1,5 g: Grüner Tee, Ingwer, Zitronengras, natürliches Ingweraroma, Zitronenaroma.

Sehnsucht nach dem Abenteuer 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Keks- und Sahnearoma.

Me Too 1,75 g: Rooibos, Erdbeer-Milchshake-Aroma.

Tagträume in der Hängematte 1,5 g: weißer Tee, Himbeerblatt, Lavendel, natürliches Himbeeraroma.

I Should Know 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Zitronenaroma.

Bereit zu gehen? 1,75 g: Rooibos-, Bananen- und Vanillearoma.

Funny About Love 1,5 g: grüner Tee, Jasmin-Aroma.

Go for It 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Blaubeergeschmack.

Gesegnet sei mein Schwanz! 1,5 g: weißer Tee, Apfel-, Birnen- und Grenadine-Aroma.

It's Play Time 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Bergamotte- und Orangengeschmack.

Weltwunder der Welt 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Trüffel- und Schokoladenaromen.

Strike Me Pink 1,5 g: grüner Tee, Kirsch- und Vanillearomen.

Tangy Trick 1,75 g: Rooibos, Käsekuchen-Aroma.

Wonderfully Splendid 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Kurkuma, natürliches Chai-Aroma.

Flauschige Wolken 1,75 g: Rooibos-, Kamille-, Zimt-, Vanille-, Zimt- und Aloe Vera-Aroma.

Upsi-Daisy! 1,5 g: weißer Tee, Grapefruit-, Erdbeer- und Vanillegeschmack.

Magic Storm 1,75 g: schwarzer Tee, Vanille- und Birnenaromen.

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02 Feb 2024
Veranika Z.
Germany Germany

Really enjoyed

I love the art on this calendar and it's really cool to have all the different flavours!

02 Feb 2024
Simone K.
Netherlands Netherlands

Nice variety of flavours, but the teas were mostly flavourless

Sadly this calender was a bit of a let down. The design is cute, and there was a lot of variety in original teaflavours. However, the teas themselves didn't have a lot of flavour, no matter how long I let them steep for. So sadly, I personally won't be buying this adventcalendar again.

02 Feb 2024
Tommy V.
Sweden Sweden

almost the same taste

almost the same taste on every one

02 Feb 2024
Annelie M.
Sweden Sweden

A lot of strange flavors, this time. Not as good as the previous one.

02 Dec 2023
Sam E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Delightful advent calendar!

I have ordered from Nordqvist before and am never disappointed by the quality of their tea, and having such an adorable advent calendar makes the tough winter season so much easier! Getting to open the door and unpack the tea bag within never fails to make me smile and the tea blends are amazing and perfect for a relaxing evening!

What can you find inside?

Moominmamma's Magic Potion

A whimsical blend of black tea infused with the sweet notes of rhubarb and strawberry.

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You are Special

An uplifting green tea melody, harmonizing strawberry, zesty lemon, and a hint of vanilla.


A classic black tea with the enchanting essence of wild strawberry.

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You'll See

A soothing rooibos with a decadent chocolate cake flavor for a comforting indulgence.

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Burst of Happiness

An invigorating white tea enriched with zesty grapefruit and refreshing aloe vera.

Cool Story

A cozy black tea blend, capturing the essence of baked apple.

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Rosy Dreams

A luxurious black tea blend with French vanilla and a quartet of red berries.

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Happy-go-Lucky Heart

A spirited green tea blend with ginger, lemongrass, and a zest of natural ginger and lemon.

Longing for Adventure

An adventurous black tea blend with the indulgent flavors of cookies and cream.

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Me Too

A delightful rooibos tea with the creamy sweetness of strawberry milkshake.

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Daydreams in a Hammock

A tranquil white tea blend with raspberry leaf, lavender, and a natural raspberry twist.

I Should Know

A refreshing black tea with a zesty lemon infusion.

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Ready to Go?

A playful rooibos blend, combining the lush flavors of banana and vanilla.

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Funny About Love

A romantic green tea with the delicate scent of jasmine.

Go for It!

A bold black tea with the juicy goodness of blueberries.

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Bless My Tail!

A charming white tea blend, mingling apple, pear, and a splash of grenadine.

It's Play Time

A lively black tea with the citrusy duo of bergamot and orange.

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Wonders of the World

A rich black tea with the luxurious pairing of truffle and chocolate.

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Strike Me Pink

A playful green tea blend with the sweet union of cherry and vanilla.

Tangy Trick

A unique rooibos with the tempting taste of cheesecake.

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Wonderfully Splendid

A majestic black tea with turmeric and a natural chai essence.

Fluffy Clouds

A soothing rooibos blend with chamomile, cinnamon, vanilla, and aloe vera.


A cheerful white tea with grapefruit, strawberry, and a vanilla twist.

Magic Storm

A mystical black tea blend combining vanilla and pear for a magical experience.

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