Riku Matcha Tea
Riku Matcha Tea

Riku Matcha

40g Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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RIKU® is a tribute to Sen no Rikyu, one of the greatest tea masters in history. The harmony of the soul, honour, purity, and tranquillity were the basis of Rikyu’s tea ceremonies.

RIKU Matcha is Full-bodied, creamy flavor with a slight hint of sweetness. For more than 800 years, only the highest grades of matcha have been considered worthy of the time-honored tea ceremony ritual. Our Ceremonial Grade matcha was carefully selected for its bold umami flavor and stunning green color.

Ingredients: Japanese green tea.
Weight: 40 g


 What could be better and more desirable in today’s fast moving world? For a certain time at the beginning in April, the fields where the tea bushes grow are shaded so that nearly 100 per cent of the sunlight is shut out. The new leaves develop a higher content of chlorophyll, giving them a dark green hue and a lower tannin content.

Matcha is a green tea which has been ground to a fine powder during its unique production process. The crop begins in early May, and only the freshest, softest leaves are picked by hand. They are then taken immediately to the farm where they are steamed, in order to stop fermentation. The steamed leaves are then dried and cooled.

The resulting dried product is called Aracha, which is then cut into small KPLs. Any remaining twigs, veins and stems are removed. The leaves are dried again and the resulting product is called Tencha. Tencha is the basic product which is then ground by stone mills in a climate-controlled clean room to produce the fine green powder we know as Matcha. A single mill can grind just 40 grams of leaves per hour. That is why one single producer has to operate with more than a thousand mills to maintain productivity.