After ordering you will receive a confirmation email once the products have been fulfilled and shipped out. You will receive a tracking code at that point and you can track your order through here: or if used DHL:



Our packing and delivery charges are added to the order total automatically, all delivery fees are calculates at checkout.

Please notice that customs duties and taxes are not included in our price so you may be charged customs duties and taxes for your order.



We aim to ship out the ordered products by mail as soon as possible, usually within a week from the date of the order. If any of the ordered products has run out of stock, we will contact you.

Due to the pandemic and very busy holiday season, there are incredible delays with DHL and the delivery of packages. Rest assured, we are trying our very best to speed up this process as much as we can. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Please note that on week 51 and 52 we will ship out the orders normally. However, due to changed Christmas schedules with transport companies the delivery times will be extended compared to normal shipping schedule.